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Logistics Service Provider

Our tagline “No Job Is Too Big, No Client Is Too Small!” pretty much sums up our business approach to eCommerce Fulfillment Services.

In addition to providing reliable and productive services, ShipGuru boasts of being the most comprehensive and adaptable eCommerce fulfillment solution for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), crowdfunding initiatives, and subscription box businesses.

Many prominent logistics service providers prioritize turnaround time and sacrifice the flexibility that is essential in expanding eCommerce enterprises. However, ShipGuru stands apart by being adaptable enough to cater to your specific requirements, from eliminating manufacturer labels to assisting you in sourcing customized packaging.

We’re Malaysia’s Go-To Logistics Service Provider

ShipGuru is an eCommerce fulfillment centre in Malaysia utilizes the latest inventory and warehouse management software, which seamlessly integrates with more than 100 eCommerce platforms including Lazada and Shopee.

This system enables us to efficiently and accurately pick, pack and dispatch every order without any delays. Regardless of whether you are a novice in the industry or shipping a thousand orders every day, ShipGuru ensures that businesses of all sizes can experience good quality supply chain support services with a peace of mind.

Thanks to ShipGuru, our clients can now shift their focus toward the core activities that bring in revenue and growth for their businesses with us as their number one logistics service provider.


As a steady logistics service provider, our state-of-the-art warehouses come with a wide range of features and facilities designed to provide our clients with the best possible eCommerce fulfillment service.

The aspects and strengths of our high-tech warehouses management services encompass:

  • Security guards patrolling 24 hours x 7 days
  • CCTV surveillance cameras
  • CMS linked to the nearest Fire and Police Station
  • Fire prevention and smoke detection system
  • Fire extinguishers are placed in all important areas including each aisle at each floor
  • Routine pest control
  • Temperature and humidity controlled environment
  • All entrances are controlled by centralized biometric access system
  • All visitors and vendors are to follow our strict guideline on the pre-set
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) before they enter the premise
  • Fully insured



Our vision is to become South-East Asia’s leading integrated fulfillment company that best understands the rising demands of supply chain efficiency.



logistics service provider in malaysia


To empower thousands of business and brands around the globe through innovative, reliable and affordable fulfillment.




We conduct business with trust

We accept full responsibility for our actions and results

We prioritize our customers’ needs




The ShipGuru Motto


Value Added Services

eCommerce Webstores & Marketplaces Integrations
ShipGuru integrates with over 100 eCommerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee. The system enables us to accurately and efficiently pick, pack and ship out each order without delay. Whether you are just getting started or shipping 1,000 orders a day, ShipGuru guarantees a peace of mind for businesses of all sizes.
Dashboard & Analytics
Cloud based WMS System enables you to manage your inventory effortlessly
as well as track and trace your order anytime, anywhere.
Self Collect & COD
Offer this to your customers and see your sales explode. Not only do your customers save on postages, it also increases customers’ confidence in your online store knowing full well that they are paying for products that exist!
Digital Marketing Academy
ShipGuru believes that the moment you stop learning is the moment your sales will start declining. This is especially true due to the ever-changing online trends, technology and ways of selling on the internet.

ShipGuru engages our clients regularly by conducting digital marketing courses to ensure your social media, websites, and marketplaces are optimally delivering results to your bottom-line all the time.

Your success is our success!